Anillo de baloncesto

Our work

The projects we propose to implement are oriented to the sports of soccer, volleyball, basketball, cycling and calisthenics, which can be executed in rural or urban areas depending on the needs and reality of each community, characteristics of the land on which they will be executed, among others. We also provide schematics at the level of plans, cuts and elevations, which we have developed at a general level and will give you a clearer idea of the types of projects that we propose to improve public goods. 

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Multipurpose court

Among the most functional and versatile sports facilities that are an integral part of the public goods of a state, the multipurpose court stands out, which brings together various sports disciplines in a single space, including basketball, volleyball and football.



Among the sports modalities that have been growing in recent years is Calisthenics, which allows working on physical strength, agility, flexibility and coordination. This modality is being developed both in indoor spaces and outdoor parks.



Pump track

The Pump track circuit is a cycling modality that takes place on small tracks with curves and slopes where, without momentum and without pedaling, athletes can achieve routes and skills in safe conditions and spaces in short times.